Direct Contact Matters!

By canoeing Gowanus, you become part of a crew that is building awareness of harbor contamination issues.  Most important of which is sewers overflow during rainstorms so if you are visiting, working or living in New York, PLEASE Do Not Shower When it Rains!

This is the Gowanus Dredgers original and most popular program. The program runs Saturday 1-5pm and Wednesdays 6-8pm from May 1 through November 1 (Wed. programs end in Sep due to early sunset). Please check our Calendar to confirm scheduled walk-up canoeing dates and program is cancelled if there's rain 30 min. prior to start time. Participants utilize club canoes for a short paddle inside the protected Canal and Gowanus Bay if they have adequate skills.

After being fitted with a life jacket (which must be worn at all times) at the dock, awe give instruction on how to paddle, safety tips on how to use a canoe and we help with boarding and supervise your departure.  We ask for a donatio / contribution apon your return as those funds sustain our programs.

Visitors to New York, residents, businesses, school groups and a diverse population enjoy personal tours of our estuary using Gowanus Dredgers equipment. Participants are given the opportunity to explore the Gowanus Canal and learn about the wildlife and vegetation of the New York / New Jersey Estuary. These are self-guided canoe trips, guided by The SuperfFUNd Tourisim Map of the Gowanus Canal.

Participants are free to explore the estuary at their own pace and enjoy discovering the canal's unique mix of wildlife and urban waterway infrastructure but tours are limited to 15-20 minutes at a time to give everyone a chance.  Often before or after, or on your voyage, we may ask that you join us in our canal cleanup efforts, removing trash that has washed ashore or is floating in the waterway. We will supply gloves and trash bags.