Gowanus Canal Conservancy

Gowanus Canal Conservancy

An organization promoting Gowanus uplands and waterway stewardship.

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Waterfront Museum in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Waterfront Museum

Maritime Museum educating and advocating for preservation of our maritime heritage.

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NYC Water Trail Association

NYC Water Trail Association

A stewardship group of NY/NJ Harbor community-based boating organizations.  Our Water Quality Monitoring Program is supported by NYCWTA.

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Riverkeeper - Protecting NY Water Supply


An organization promoting clean, swimmable waters in NY’s Hudson Valley, a Hudson River full of life, and safe drinking water supply.

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Canoe Instruction At Gowanus Canal

Kayakers Guide to New York Harbor

Graeme Birchall's Kayakers Guide to NY Harbor, a resource describing attributes of our estuary.

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New York Harbor School

New York Harbor School

A NY High School with Maritime & Environmental Focus

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Downtown Boathouse - Free Kayaking on the Hudson River

Downtown Boathouse

The Gowanus Dredgers owe our origin to this program as we modeled our programs after their dedication to providing free public access to NY harbor. 

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ACA Image

American Canoe Association

 A national nonprofit organization serving the broader paddling public and a guiding resource for operations of The Gownus Dredgers

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We Primarily Use Old Town Canoes

Canoes of our Fleet

We primarily use Old Town 158 & 169 canoes as they are stable and easy to navigate in open river conditions.

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Bert Visser's Directory of Dredgers

Bert Visser's Dredging Directory

A Directory and the Latest News of Dredging across the world.

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American Littoral Society

American Littoral Society

The American Littoral Society promotes the study and conservation of marine life and habitat, protects the coast from harm, and empowers others to do the same.

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Canoe & Kayak Tips from Two Experts

Bob Foote & Karen Knight Canoe & Kayak Tips

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